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All artwork in my books, website and blog is copyrighted. Projects are intended to be made for personal use only and not for commercial purposes without my permission. In a nutshell, do not make a project from my book and sell it on Etsy. Please do not use my artwork as your profile pictures, blog or Facebook banners without my permission.

My stamp images are also copyrighted. Any items intended to be sold must be hand stamped, with no alterations, digital or otherwise. Copies of your stamped artwork cannot be sold and that includes images on my product packaging. Items may be sold at craft fairs and small boutiques and please, no sales on the internet.

Please understand that I work hard at what I do. I have created a brand that is totally me and I’m sure you can comprehend the problems that have and can arrive on the internet. Companies actually hire people to peruse the internet for artwork (great job, huh?) to license on their products. Imagine a company seeing a copy of my artwork and contacting that person to create something for them. Yes, it happens and it’s a very difficult situation to resolve. I appreciate all who have purchased my products and love to see what you’ve created. Just keep in mind when it’s being sold it is basically telling the world that it is your work. Thank you for adhering to this policy.

Julie Nutting


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