Collage Couture
by Julie Nutting

Play dress-up with your art!
Collage has never been so fashionable! In Collage Couture you'll learn how to sketch fashion figures, create stylish dresses from patterned paper and apply a variety of textured backgrounds to your collage pieces. With styles ranging from cute to elegant and sweet to sophisticated, these mixed-media projects will transport your art from the studio to the runway!

Collage Couture features:

22 super-pretty projects, from collages on canvas to framed shadowbox art to gifts for your fashionista. Play with your materials—paper, paints, ink and markets—to create pieces you'll be happy to display and share.
Illustrations and easy instruction for creating fashion sketches and silhouettes. And don't forget the details: learn how to add eyes, lips, hair and, of course, clothing!
Tips and advice on setting the mood in your studio, from enhancing your art space with flowers and china to wearing a tiara as your work! Why not feel as pretty as your art?

Indulge your inner girly-girl with Collage Couture!



Collage Couture Studio Paper Dolls
by Julie Nutting

Play dress-up with your art!
Paper dolls have never been so fashionable! In Collage Couture Studio: Paper Dolls, you'll be introduced to five fashion-forward dolls from around the world--dress them up in the outfits provided or design your own. Send them out to a London dress shop, the flea markets of Paris and the gardens of Japan. Make a paper doll chain, a treasure box or a beautiful and richly textured collage. This is a book like none other--and with so many cool and unique projects, you'll have countless hours of creative fun.

Inside, you'll find:

5 paper dolls: Emilee and her friends Charley, Belle, Francesca and Kyoko, plus a design-you-own doll template so you can create your own character
10 pages of fun and funky, silly and sweet paper doll clothes and templates for fashioning your own signature styles from patterned paper, ribbons, paint, ink and more
16 super pretty projects--step-by-step instructions for building mixed-media backgrounds and settings for your dolls, including beach scenes and cityscapes. Or create journals, banners, wall art, tags and more for yourself (or to share with a special fiend)

So go ahead, take a journey, try a new adventure, see the world--fashionably, of course!


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